Now, in difficult economic conditions, the company is constantly looking for opportunities for development. The construction of an up-to-date fabric of prefabrication in Volochysk ends. At the final stage is an implementation of the international certification system of the HASSP.

In addition to economic events, one of the main activities of the company is sponsorship and socially oriented projects. The most powerful ones are:

  • Comprehensive support of the Ukrainian Army and Soldiers ATO;
  • "Ahrobiznes" Ltd. is the founder of the project "Support of the Ukrainian Army in the ATO zone";
  • Sponsorship of the Ukrainian national football team among veterans and the Association of Veterans of Football of Ukraine;
  • Reconstruction of the football stadium in Volochysk;
In the hometown of the enterprise, it creates excellent conditions for the development of sport and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people. "Ahrobiznes" Ltd. is the founder of the "Ahrobiznes" football club. The team play in the First League of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Championship. The company also carried out partial repair at the stadium in Nova Ushytsia, where the "Ahrobiznes" team plays in the Khmelnytskii region Championship.

The company provides comprehensive assistance to low-income families and orphanages in many regions of Ukraine.

Our story
"Ahrobiznes" was founded in 2000. At that time, two mills with a capacity of 35 tons were built. Also, in 2002, a 23-toned bakery was built. At the beginning of its activities, the company limited itself to the production of flour and the transport/logistic services.

By 2002, the number of mills increased to five, and their total capacity was 100 tons per day. This allowed selling more flour for both their own needs and for consumers. Flour was supplied to enterprises in Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Lviv, Volyn, Zhytomyr and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

In 2002, a grain reception company was purchased, which allowed the storage, drying, cleaning, and shipment of grain.

In parallel with the production of bakery products and flour, the company created a fleet of equipment for collecting and transporting crops of corn, corn, sunflower, and sugar beet. In this way, the full cycle of production was completed, from the provision of raw materials to the production of high-quality bakery products.

Gradually, the company increased production volumes, and in 2004 Volochyski bakery was purchased. After a complete reconstruction and acquisition of the most modern European equipment, in 2005, new production started. Launching of the bakery allowed to significantly increase production volumes. If the mini-bakery produced 23 tons of bakery products per day, then the new bakery — 100 tons. And this provided a much wider range of products, which now consists of 120 items.

In 2009, the Volochyski "Ahropostach" was bought out, which also includes a tank farm.

In 2010, the Novoushytski bakery was put into operation. It is one of the most modern enterprises of Ukraine bakery industry. The project capacity of production is 90 tons of bakery products per day, and two factories and a bakery - 213 tons per day. The enterprise provides the needs of the inhabitants of many regions of Ukraine.
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The company has an extensive dealer network. Bakery products are shipped to 21 representative offices by its own transport (Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault, and GAZel trucks): Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lutsk, Lviv, Stryi, Mukachevo, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Chernivtsi, Horostkiv, Ternopil, Lanivtsi, Kamianets-Podilskii, Nova Ushytsia, Khmelnytskii, Krasyliv, Shepetivka, Kryzhopil, Balta.

The company maintains close partnerships with well-known Ukrainian networks: ATB, Silpo, Furshet, Vopak, Auchan, NOVUS, Tavria, 555-TM, Colibris, Rukavychka, Fora, Kopiika and others. The products of "Ahrobiznes" Ltd. are in high demand among the population because they meet the highest quality indicators.

"Ahrobiznes" Ltd. has trade relations with many countries. In our list: USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Georgia, and Latvia.

The company constantly participates in national and international exhibitions, where has repeatedly become the winner.
Our awards:
"The leader of the food and processing industry of Ukraine" award;

the winner of the All-Ukrainian Product Quality Contest "100 Best Goods of Ukraine";

for active participation in XXIІІ International agroindustrial exhibition "AGRO-2011" (Kyiv) and significant contribution to the production of quality products;

for active participation in the national exhibition action "Colorful Ukraine";

Grand Prix "Best Product of the Year" for high quality and leadership positions;

honorary award "The leader of the Ukrainian economy" for the efficiency and effectiveness of the economic activity, according to the assessment of the Assembly of Business Sphere;

"The best people of Khmelnytskii region" - for significant achievements in the food and processing industry;

the winner of the All-Ukrainian Product Quality Contest "100 Best Goods of Ukraine" at the regional stage in the category "Food Products".

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